Oh Blarney

This week has been a week of adjusting. The time zones still feel skewed. Modules feel enriching and everyone in our summer program is amazing. Shout out to NUIM International!

As the weekend rolled around, our summer advisers decided to take us on an excursion to the County of Cork to learn about the enchanting love stone that is the Blarney Kissing Stone.

Attached to the side of the Blarney Castle it is said that the stone, once smooched, gives the kisser a gift in love. Maybe in an existing love? Or a new love?

So how does one kiss the stone you ask? Well after stumbling up some flights of tiny stairs, you make it to the flat top surface of the Blarney Castle. There you wait in line, waiting for your turn. As you get to the end, you see the edge of a castle wall suspended. The gentleman at the free fall then sits you down and bends you backwards to kiss the stone, BACKWARDS.


Established 1446. Making love last.

P.S. Totally kissed it and saw a forest backwards. Woop.





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