Maynooth Co. Kildare

Woke up to gloomy light and singing rain. Feels just about right. Its Friday and modules will be ending soon. It appears today’s adventure will be attending the best coffee shoppe near campus and locating the Maynooth Castle.

As one makes their way around campus you can see the utter difference between the main and south campus. As of now the entire campus is lonely due to summer vacations. Being here I feel like I get to see the tiny glimpse of Maynooth life before the thousands of students come back. If I was in California, friends and I would probably visit the local 7/11 for an infamous slurpee. (Happy 7/11 Day!)

With the company of my lovely my roommates, we made our way to Atlas Coffee and then the castle.


Felt like going through the looking glass or the wardrobe.


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