Before I begin to rave about how cold Ireland is, I’m going to take a quick moment to reflect on the weather in Monterey, California.

☝🏼Hold on before you start questioning California. First, there are many parts of Cali that get so cold and gloomy it makes you feel like you’re falling into 30 Days of Night, not including the vampires. Dont @ me.

As soon as classes were over today, a few mates and I went out exploring the charm of Maynooth. Though it’s not a centralized city like Dublin, Maynooth still has this quaint aire to it. Life feels at ease but comes to life with all the students around, and with the bus to Dublin arriving every 20 min?

One place students have told me is to stay away from Mantra. It’s nothing crazy but a little club near the uni, available to any student that wants to turn up.. lol. To good days.





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