What’s the Craic?

In the common expression of my Irish peeps, what’s up!

Modules are going, I’ve now joined a film competition that awards the best shorts and in the mist of it all I’m preparing the final script for my thesis film for when I return back to California.

As said before, work does not stop and neither does the will to wonder and explore. Being away from home has taught me much in the last few years, mainly to always stand ground. No matter what soil you are on. The beauty continues to unravel around us and I can’t help but keep my eyes wide open. Wide awake.

With the world moving on and forward we discover new mediums and motives for ourselves to push forward and persevere. I challenge you to wake up everyday and discover something new. Even if it’s small, if it enlightens you, let the light in.

WordPress has been such an incredible medium as a student and an artist. Writing and developing is what I focus on daily, I sometimes forget to underline myself too. As an ambassador of this stunning community, I challenge you. Be the catalyst of your dreams.

Much love.


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