Returning to the business of theatre, one begins to relish in the joys that come with being on stage. Although this time around I am producing it is wonderful to see other women become influenced with the words of a script and the ideas of the director.

We are anything but creatures destined to create, some of us perform. We all perform in our own unique ways. It’s when we take the time to look and remind each other that we are these magnificent catalysts. I can only hope in this life to continue to ignite these emotions in others.

I get a little happy inside when I simply provide snacks and water so the actresses can continue going on in rehearsal. The gals have dubbed me as the cast Mom which I love to hear. I hope one day I am blessed with true motherhood. The itch is taking over me and I can not help it.

As for now we will continue on with rehearsals and slowly prep for opening night.

(„• ᴗ •„)


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