As we begin this new season bright and wide-eyed we need to remember the importance of networking and reconnecting. The the bustle of life, coming and going we tend to fall in a routine – just about the same thing every day.

In recent adventures, I’ve managed to restore beloved friendships with fellow Uni alumni! So much in fact I’ve decided to jump on as a Producer for a coming theatrical play in Hollywood, California! The title of the production is: The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler. Released originally in 1996, this show has become a monumental play within the activism-through-art community. We are currently in pre-production setting the final cast and locations for rehearsal!

While breaking it down with my amazing Director, Siecuna Yeboa we had the grand idea of making a GoFundMe for the theater fees/ miscellaneous purchases that would happen throughout. A link has been created and is live now! Please take a moment to read our story, and donate if possible. Every bit counts. Thank you!

GoFundMe Link:

All proceeds of this show will be donated to local Los Angeles charities that assist women and girls.

In support of One Billion Rising and VDAY. 2022.


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