Quarantine Entry #1: Save Our Stages

Today, like many businesses across our nation have now entered a formal lockdown due to the COVID 19 Pandemic. Before I go on I’d like to express the sadness the came over our entire company these last few days.

Working in entertainment has many ups and memorable moments. From film to television, including the performing arts.

At Matrix Visual, we take pride in our set design. Artists, major and independent all have one thing in common, providing the best experiences for their audiences each and every time. Every individual is an essential component to production. To every show and every strike.

As everything began to unravel regarding COVID 19 I have never seen so many of my team members, co-workers, friends, artists lose work overnight. The massive cancellations of shows, every bit of pre-production tossed. Our stages are dying.

Until we get back. #SaveOurStages


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