By now I can proudly say I’m master-adaptor. Let me explain. Also totally not related to rigging.. lol.

Master-adaptor is someone that can move anywhere, possibly at any time and make it work! It does take discipline and a lot of personal motivation. But nevertheless it’s a tiny skill that produces wonderful results. Now – we all have heard and been warned about the addiction to destination. The feeling or thought that one will be better and happier when in a new environment. Well I need y’all to toss that note out cause that isn’t fair. First of all, to you! Whose to say you can’t plan and look forward to what’s coming? That being the future, your next project, event or potential home? Second, it’s hella boring to kill the thrill of optimism. Come on – live a little. Optimism allows us to go forward and take the dare. Pack your bags, donate what you don’t need, make lists, plan it out! Whatever it may be, take the risk, it beats wondering all about it.

Let’s take this moment to engulf. In love, in work, in projects, in whatever makes you feel you.

Enhance creatively,


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