The ‘Bu

Taking the high road has lead to peculiar vistas and I’m eager to see more. Driving from Point Richmond/Berkeley Shores has left us drained. A full 7 hours to only get stuck at the top of a mountain. 🤣 Kidding y’all. But we made it. We made it to the ‘Bu♥️

Leaving The Bay on a whim seemed fair. Somehow I felt like I needed something new. Although Hollywood is not a desire of mine, it somehow manages to bring me back. After-all it’s home, and “Everything I learned I learned from the movies.” 😘 Audrey Hepburn.

Goodness but this move feels fresh and new. Projects are at hands reach, I feel better, finally living and loving. Bite me I’m a romantic.

Working hard is great just remember to take a moment, it’s breathtaking when you do.



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