The truest reason as to why I’m here! I love Ireland really, the north and the republic. But what I am excited for is this local Game of Thrones tour. The tour starts here at Belfast and stops at major locations from the first two seasons.

Starting with Winterfell.

To The Twins.



and the shadows of the Wight Walker forest, without the snow of course.


Understanding the set design to enhance story development blew my mind and I couldn’t wait for every location.

I must be honest I have not read any of the books but I have the shows and have admired it’s visual design for a long time.

Writing Challenge: Commit to a set design that you’re in love with. Study, obsess over it and explain it back to me in a similar design of yours. Film, stage or if you have any similar thoughts send them over! Could be specific scenes.

Please no worries and have a good time doing this.

Sending ravens,


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