“The Crown”

Greetings from Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom!

Bit of a mouthful ain’t it? However it’s taken very seriously here. To start the day, myself and the fellow Paddywagon crew made our way to Dublin in the early morning to jump onto buses for a trip to Belfast. Exciting as it sounds, on the way there felt like a warning. A disclosure of some sort. There was nothing to fear really but the historian on our bus ride made sure to explicitly explain the civil unrest that went on for years between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, the Ireland every one seems to know. Attached to each other on the isle, the two very separate countries are very serious about where they stand.

The Troubles he called them. It was a time in Irish history where political conflict was fueled by the unrest between the protestants and catholics. For decades the north and south attacked each other through violence and homemade bombs.

Making our way around Belfast you are still reminded of The Troubles and what they brought.

The history is literally in the buildings,


on walls, in art. Belfast and it’s history touched me. In the mist of all the information our guide also explained to us on the boarder between the north and south there’s still a wall. Though some of it is broken down and other parts are street art.

Thankfully I managed to sneak away to snag some lunch and dragged my classmate Kevin along. Being American can have it perks, and in many other times..well actually, yeah no. I’m sure many agree, that some Americans can not behave appropriately when abroad. It’s okay honestly, because at the end of the day all you can do is just laugh it off.

As we walk around the shopping centre we decided with pizza and made our way to the counter to pay. Let me now remind you, Northern Ireland is apart of the United Kingdom. After our order the woman at the cash drawer gives us the total. Kevin proceeds to pull out a bill of Euros, and it’s then the woman stops and looks at him straight and firm. Scolding at him in her stern voice, “We are still apart of the crown”. He cheeses at her and pays with his card instead.

It was not that serious..

But to the crown, it is.

To new days.


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