Paris, Las Vegas

Life has started back up at full steam and this is insane, wild, bewildering, astonishing, what else? Pah-lease if the PTO is there, take it! Don’t look back! Lol.

~ The return of everything live has been much and then some. Enjoying greener pastures and riverbeds is ideal but this time we decided to go H.A.M. an went straight to Las Vegas, Nevada. I was promised a Parisian vacation so here we are at Paris, Las Vegas! Our Paris, for the Summer.

Eiffel Tower, Paris, Las Vegas. 2021.

Oddly the Resort and Casino held up to the hype. We managed to take advantage of most amenities while being there.

Unpopular Opinion: Hotels are actually the best option ever! Sometimes. Literally everything is your disposable. Unlike Airbnb and their gnarly fees! By the end of the stay you are then presented with a labyrinth of tasks to complete before completely checking out!

Anywho if you head out to The Strip anytime soon, I highly recommend Paris! Its lovely, the perfect slice of heaven! Let them eat cake!

To take this time and enjoy the bit of Summer allows a sense of trance and balance. We truly need time for ourselves, because if we don’t it leaves the door open to stress and her cousins.

Greetings from Paris!


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