Nooks and Crannies

Synchronicity is one double edged sword. Mainly because synchronicity feeds from the subjective and the emotion. Maybe deja vu?

Lets say something happens and there is a reason why this something has happened. You acknowledge it and somehow you understand as to why its happened.

As you remember and recall the same emotion, it then appears in multiple (life) events and you begin to connect them emotionally, through synchronicity. Somehow we use synchronicity as an advantage, as a form of coping mechanism.

The idea of synchronicity is derived from a study by Swiss psychologist: Carl Jung. Read here.

 Though the entire idea can feeds off of the placebo affect, here’s where the double edge sword comes into play. You either fall for the romance of synchronicities or you fall deep into it’s nooks and crannies*. Just don’t get lost.

*: Metaphor “nook and cranny” originated in the rolling hills of Scotland, it was used by shepherds in Ireland and Scotland to describe the in-between spaces of the open hills and mountains (my Irish bus driver told me this).

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