Marche du Film


Today has left me. Nothing seems to persuade my interests, the exhaustion is real. A creative exhaustion. Thankfully there was a makers market in the promenade. Sellers of all sorts filled the town centre to sell their antiques, flowers, and snacks. A few trinkets here and there too.

While grabbing gelato with roommates, a dear French Canadian friend explained what the marche stood for. Even though we are here for the Cannes Film Festival, the infamous Marche du Film is also taking place, where major industry heads meet and trade projects and collaborate. It’s the film industry mecca. Companies, major and independent come here. She explained how in french cinema there is an importance when it comes to climbing, le marche. It is why the infamous red carpet elevates into a staircase that simulates a climb.

As all the festivities prepare to close I can’t help but admire everything around me one last time.

Onward and forward.




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