Over The Promenade

I’m gladly admitting I’ve spent most of my time overlooking valleys, roads, and held the company of the kindest folk. Sometimes the craziness of the festival drowns the essence of the riviera and you can’t help but recharge. Maybe I’m just over the Promenade de la Croisette?

Recently friends and I stumbled across the Cannes Castle. Carefully watching over the peninsula, it stands on a hillside overlooking the ocean. One can tell they used these barricades and castle walls in medieval times.


This week the world feels at ease. The festival is half way on and there’s much to do. Our films premiere at the end of the week and I think we need to redo some shots, that or fix them in post..

Is it strange to think I’m already wondering about work back home? It’ll pay off I know it will.




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