Côte d’Azur

Beloveds, My hiatus has given birth to my most loving piece, My Girl. And now the recent turn of events has lead to me to cobbled roads once again, but in France!

Uni is over in the most literal terms. Thank you to every soul that came my way.

My fellow Grads, Good Morning.


Checked in and made it to the grocers. Ironically my favorite thing to do whenever abroad. Met my official team for the film race and all we do it stick together. Beauty of being in a new place. Right off of Nice, France in the Côte d’Azur, there lies Cannes. The charm of the French Riviera is packed into this beautiful town. There’s so much to see and all I can think about is the sunscreen I did not bring.

It’s hot and I mean really. Locals however lay on the rocks of the ocean banks, soaking every bit of the sun.

To The Croisette.


Post Script: Congratulations to us Graduates Class of 2015! California State University Monterey Bay.




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