New Orleans Square, DL.

Before one decides, they prepare. For preparation allows us to see our plans through. To see the entire picture, eventually.

A time away dreaming at Disneyland I find myself deep in my thoughts hoping I can connect and network once again. Work continues and it does not stop. I suppose after a dreary pandemic the world is ceasing every opportunity it gets. Back to my dreaming…ah yes. I have made my mind to reenter university studies and apply to Grad school. I have applied but after my first rejection a timid nature has washed over me.

I’ve ordered by Mickey shaped beignets and a small cup of coffee. Disneyland feels incredibly cold at 8am in the morning. Although rejection scares us it should also inspire us to plow forward. I would insert a corny little Disney quote but there are too many to choose from. Ha.

Realizing our wants takes too long at times but when they do come about they stick. Gosh this powdered sugar has gone all over the place.

Rumor has it from a close DL cast member that Splash Mountain will be closing in the coming year for the redesign of a new ride dedicated to the beautiful Disney Louisiana themed story “The Princess and the Frog.” In that case today’s quote of the day is:

“If you do your best each and every day, good things are sure to come your way.” — Tiana.

With Love,


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