Utopia can’t be that far away right? I mean we are making America great again, right?

To the perfect state.


For now, let it be California.


Here we are in the sanctuary city of San Francisco, in the back corners of it’s Chinatown.


~In 1932 author Aldous Huxley released novel: Brave New World, a science fiction story about a Utopian world in a distant future. As far as Brave New World may be, it feels much closer than we could ever imagine. In chapter six of the novel, lead characters Lenina and Bernard are at odds with each other, mainly because they’re realizing feeling. As Lenina instigates the use of soma and Bernard’s possible need of it, he begins to feel uneasy with her. In response to her offering, he simply says, ..“I’d rather be myself and nasty. Not somebody else, however jolly..”.

Precisely. However jolly. In regards to any state. Your home state. Your personal state. Your current state.

To our current state. God be with us.


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