Im Spiegel

First of all, lets take this moment to thank every single veteran and combat soldier out there. Putting your life at risk for others will always be an admirable and selfless act. Thank you.

Its the fourth, and another year passes with no sense of patriotism inside. Maybe its the constant disappointment from our government or maybe its just the filth in the media that’s seeping every day. Its the fourth, and well sleep never came so a walk down the Pacific Grove rec trail did the trick.

Strolling down the Recreational Trail does wonders at 5am. Watching the water crush on shore was liberating, refreshing. Being stuck and feeling stuck are such frustrating emotions. Just imagine, not moving, not soaring, not discovering when humans are naturally migrating creatures.

In 1978, classical musician: Arvo Part released the one of the softest pieces of music. Traditionally written for a single piano and violin, Spiegel im Spiegel is German for Mirror in the Mirror.

To reflect in honesty. It’s a way of daily being and practicing.

song: Spiegel im Spiegel by Arvo Part (1978)

video edit: myself, Andrea Valenzuela

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